Presentations with flair

I create templates using master pages, reusable text & image templates, custom icons & infographics. I curate and treat photography and possibly layer text on top. I use color to add visual interest, help the presenter locate themselves in the deck, and to color-code logic sequences. When finished, presentations can be projected, emailed, uploaded, printed or all of the above, and adjusted to fit into these form factors. The important design consideration is that they be legible, easy to grasp, and compelling. 


The design principles I use to create presentations are pivotal to their impact: to reduce visual clutter; emphasize a clear main point on each slide; establish a clear hierarchy; creditably differentiate the presentation; create visual flow to assist storytelling; and add interest through compelling photos and graphics. 

I work in Keynote, Powerpoint, and InDesign, as well as online presentation platforms, such as Google Slides.