Martha (Molly) Cooper  //  Photo by Mary McHenry Photography

About Martha Cooper

I am well-practiced in all manner of two-dimensional design, and use proven processes in both interaction and visual design to get to the right solution. In most of my design projects, I do design research, interaction design, visual style guidance, and branding. 

When a member of an interaction design team, I am engaged in goal-directed design, which serves the user's needs and ultimately results in a better product. I contribute to the creation of personas and scenarios based on user-centered research, and I wireframe, storyboard, and architect UI with my team. In tandem, I investigate the product's industry and environment, workshop with clients in a brand discovery phase, and explore different ways for products to visually stand out.

I lead brand workshops, research the competitive landscape, and brainstorm visual solutions. I create and/or implement brand guidelines, identity systems, and style guides, and then take special care to apply brand through digital communications, semiotics, and artifacts. I create visual systems that hold up across multiple platforms. 

I collaborate with copywriters, photographers, illustrators, and development teams as needed. I love working in teams under various guises, especially the Bay Area-based design firm, Catabolic, and the ones who helped start all of this goal-directed design hubbub, Cooper.